The Cooperative Experience


Helping in the Classroom

Each parent takes turns helping in the classroom throughout the year. This involves engaging with students during activities such as free play, art, and story time, and providing snacks. This is a wonderful time to engage in learning activities with your child, witness their classroom environment, get to know their peers, and build a comfortable parent-teacher relationship.

Magic Years Events

The school relies on help from families at school fundraising events and at the annual Fund Raiser. Our most recent fundraiser was a Family Fun Fair!

Parent Jobs

Every parent has a job, ranging from roles in school management and administration to fund-raising, enrollment, and classroom maintenance.

Set-Up / Clean-Up Days

Twice a year, parents come together at the school to help teachers clean and prepare the classrooms for the children.

A Parent’s Perspective


"Parents look forward to spending time in the classroom. They are able to experience their child's daily activities and witness friendships bloom." 

-Kaitlyn, parent


"Magic Years was an amazing first school experience for our family. The cooperative experience allowed us to be an integral part of the school, getting to know our children's friends by participating in the classroom on a frequent basis and watching them learn and grow in a supportive, somewhat adventurous and fun loving environment. The experience provided a wonderful, self-sufficient foundation for kindergarten and the beginning of friendships that will last a lifetime."

-Caroline, parent